#BBNaija 2018: Twitter users react at Cee-C’s fight with Nina and Khloe

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Khloe has come under attack following her argument with Cee-c and Nina.

Khloe on Tuesday engaged in a heated argument with Cee-c.

 This was after Cee-c and Nina engaged in a quarel over food.

It all started when Nina ate part of Cee-c’s share of their breakfast without her permission. But realizing that Cee-c was angry, Nina quickly apologized.

Khloe, who had already made clear her intention of “being an elder sister” to Cee-c before returning to the show, ‘bought’ the matter from Nina and confronted Cee-c to a near-fight argument.

However, Nigerians have accused Khloe of meddling in issues that do not involve her.

They called on the newly-returned housemate to learn to mind her business and stop being an interloper.

Here are some comments from Twitter users:

@papiseelz ” Khloe should be disqualified again what’s her business in ceeC and Nina fight why didn’t she go and confront Nina besides she was asking both of them what happened and they didn’t bother to answer her why then picking on CeeC

@Quedusse “Bringing back housemates is actually not a crappy idea. Khloe has been outside and has seen and heard all public opinions on the house. All i see her doing now is just acting out what she learnt the fans would want. Picking on Cee c nd all that.

@Cracylyn “If you all haven’t seen through Khloe & Anto’s strategy, then I’m weak!!!! So fighting Cee-C is what will make me vote Khloe?

@NikeOnas “Khloe is an ungrateful bitch!You were disqualified and had a rare opportunity to go back but still behaving like a cursed soul

@Koyinsola “Khloe can’t even speak English yet she wants to be the loudest in the house. Better sort out that speech impediment before chatting to anybody kmt.

@Theodora_mary “I just wanted to let you know that Khloe is very stupid like very stupid.. Very very.. Why interfere.. Is this her idea of clearing Cee-C..she’s dumb

@Queenfatimaa “Khloe is finally happy. I’m sure she has been waiting for a fight to start so she can jump in and fight Cee-C

@Vels20 “Khloe is a fool. ..so she thinks teaming up with Nina to fight Cee c will get her the money.

@Chezzymillis “That Khloe that looks like native Earth worm is a big loser, Cee c came for the money, you hor a second chance but came for Cee-c.


Cee-C:Nina you’re a piece of shit. Nina:Cee-C thank you I’m a piece of shit but with someone like you I still have hope… Me:nina I’m officially in Love with you

kuukua fouillard🇬🇭@kuukuafouillard

Koko😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…proud of u Koko😂😂😂..Ceec ur last time calling Nina a dustbin😕😡😡


Most people can’t even deal with other people taking their space, friend, man or woman in their absence talkless of food but will applaud Nina because Ceecee was the target. Let’s be real and admit that Nina was wrong and even more to have apologized the way she did


Tahh..Nina won this round!

She’s still eating the food that caused the fight 😁😁😁

Savage much


This same khloe that’s taking sides almost placed a curse on kebrule for taking her drink without asking now she’s playing the advocate. We see through you koko


Everything khloe and anto are doing is plainly premeditated. Mattter that didn’t concern her she had to tap inside the trend. To “put her in her place” lmaoo so you’re there to provoke her?😂😂

The Real #BBNAIJA Mama Miracle@eve_umeh

Just now now, I heard her tell Bambam to stop using such words as Lie and stupid on people on a general note. Seconds later, she’s calling someone dustbin, stupid and etc. Abeg I’m tired, what do I know? 🤷

Mush Media@Mush_Media

*Sunday Eviction*
Ebuka : Cee C, did you call Nina dustbin
Cee C :

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